what is KimberLite Token

Migrating The $79B Per Annum Diamond Industry To Blockchain Technology

Our KimberLite project combines the $79B per year diamonds industry with three of the fastest growing market sectors on the planet today.

Kimberlite removes the frustrating problem of lost time in carrying out trades as well as eliminating high banking fees while creating a common currency that all buyers and sellers accept.

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Superior In Every Way

KimberLite Advantages

Eliminate transaction inefficiencies, bureaucracy and implement a new standard for commodity payments

Peer-to-Peer Payments

Blockchain technology will allow instant transfers peer-to-peer = increased speed and eliminates lost time

Reduced Cost of Transfers

Fees running into hundred of thousands of dollars are dropped to less than $100 per deal = massive savings and no bureaucracy

Standardisation for Payment

A standardised currency for payments within the industry = speed and efficiency across the entire supply chain

Creating an attractive market for Commodity Traders

A Truly Unique Solution

Core Features

Our Team of financial and commodity experts have spent more than 3-years developing an investor friendly token whose price is independent from crypto markets and relies on the value of diamonds being transacted


We will be unlocking only 2% of minted tokens per month for the first 5-years, which controls the token price.

This slow release of tokens into the system will ensure that the price is stable.


Value is defined by Tokens in Circulation and diamonds transacted, allowing us to accurately predict and control token release.

KimberLite value is not controlled by the price of other cryptocurrencies.


When customers realise the huge cost savings offered by KimberLite, they will become users for life.

Long-term Liquidity is then guaranteed with team tokens locked for 10-years.

Generating a robust investor friendly platform

Guaranteed Stability

A Complete Ecosystem

We are building a complete ecosystem focussed around precious commodities with 'Play-to-Earn' gaming and Diamond NFT sales portal

Minted Tokens

We minted 200,000,000 KIMBER tokens on the BNB Chain and instantly locked 190 million via Unicrypt.

The Token Generation Event (TGE) for KimberLite was February 28, 2022. We minted 200,000,000 tokens on the BNB chain, making KIMBER a BEP-20 Token.

Once our tokens were issued we immediately locked 190 million with Unicrypt protecting both liquidity and investors.

Vesting & Lock

Team Tokens are Locked for 10-years and then Vested for 18-months, showing our long-term commitment.

The ‘Lock’ period and tokens released at each interval have been calculated so that a maximum of 2% of total minted tokens (4,000,000 tokens) are released per month throughout the first 18 months, this shall eliminate any early fluctuations in value and build price momentum.

Burn Strategy

We will 'buy-back' and 'Burn' KimberLite annually until 50% of tokens originally minted have been burnt.

Our plan is that buy-back and burn shall be an annual event. We shall use 20% of the overall operating profits to purchase KIMBER Tokens. This process shall continue until 50% of tokens originally minted have been burnt.

Metaverse Game

Join the fun by playing our Metaverse game and find real Diamonds that you can keep or sell in KimberMarket.

KimberRush is a Metaverse 'Play-to-earn' style of game where users can discover diamonds that can then either be sold in our KimberMarket or they can exchange them for real diamonds delivered to their door.

NFT Sales Portal

KimberMarket offers users the chance to buy prestigious NFTs that are backed by real Diamonds and Gold.

We create 3D images of real Diamonds and Gold held in bank storage. Users can buy these in NFT form using their KimberLite Tokens confident that the asset behind the NFT they own is constantly increasing in value.

Mobile Wallet App

Our own dedicated mobile Wallet app provides ease of use, with a simple interface, storing Tokens and NFTs.

The easy to use interface makes transferring tokens simpler without any need to add coin data during initial wallet setup. Therefore, even inexperienced users can access our KimberLite ecosystem.

Planned To Perfection

Road Map

When designing KimberLite we have planned for long-term success as well as growth based on a 'supply and demand' atmosphere

Meet The Team

Professional Management

Our management team has a combined 90+ years of experience in commodities, banking and investment they are ideally qualified to lead KimberLite forward

Team of Advisors

We have also assembled a team of the best ‘Crypto Advisors’ in the industry whose knowledge and trusted advice will guarantee our success

Why Choose KimberLite
Designed With Investors In Mind

Why Choose KimberLite

We are the worlds first and only crypto backed by diamonds and designed specifically for precious commodity transactions, providing investors with maximum return on investment via sustained growth

  • Proven Experience

    Our parent company BSR Global was established in 1968 and has more than 30-years of experience within commodities. Their renowned expertise will be the key to our success.

  • Huge Growth

    Contracts are already in place for completing diamond transactions using KIMBER as the payment method, this will guarantee massive growth over the next 12 months.

  • Liquidity Protection

    We have locked a total of 190 million tokens with Unicrypt which are released over the next 5-years with team tokens locked for 10-years, safeguarding long-term liquidity in the project.

  • Complete Ecosystem

    We have built a complete ecosystem with multiple use cases; with up to $150 million of commodity deals traded monthly, Diamond NFT Sales and P2E Gaming revenue.

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